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Our vision is to build a successful long termpartnership with you to assist you in reaching yourfinancial and lifestyle goals.

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Financial and insurance services for ambitious, high value individuals and their families

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Assisting you to reach your business goals through financial planning and investment

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Then please give us a call. We'll be happy to help you with taking the next step to using our services.

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Our Services

Fire And General


You've worked long and hard to achieve the level of assets and savings you have today, so it is natural you'll wa…

Income Protection


Income protection insurance, or disability insurance, will provide an income if you are sick or disabled to the e…

Wealth Creation


Wealth creation: Property, portfolios and planning Creating wealth isn’t just about working hard and paying off…

Life Cover


Life insurance won't shield your family from the emotional fallout of premature death. It is designed and structu…


  • I recently reviewed my insurance policies and was pleasantly surprised with the approach taken by Deborah Carter. Deb has a vast knowledge of the insurance industry and was completely committed to delivering an innovative solution that best suited my needs. She maintained a high level of integrity throughout the process and ensured all my requirements were taken into consideration. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a hands on, personal service that goes beyond the norm!
    Debbie Ridling

    Managing Director - Freedom NZ

  • Michael is an expert in his field and really goes the extra mile to ensure a professional, thorough and enjoyable experience when looking for Insurance cover or trusted Financial advice. Highly recommended.


  • I am thrilled with the advice and service Michael provided me for financial planning and for personal insurance. Trustworthy and a very nice chap! I highly recommend his services.
  • Some years ago, friends referred us to Bruce MacQueen. Our financial situation was not as advanced as it should have been and we spent time with Bruce to do some more effective planning. In a discussion about the level of our insurance cover, Bruce suggested we raise the level considerably. We agreed although in all honesty, we thought it was excessive and probably unnecessary. We were happy, healthy, still in love and intent on growing old together. Little did we know what was ahead of us. Within months, I was a widow and the sole parent to our kids. Receiving life insurance monies as the result of the tragic death of a loved one is an uncomfortable experience. Bruce’s friendly approach, his insurance and investment advice and wisdom – and particularly his humanity – stand him head and shoulders above others that we had worked with in the past. His advice has had a profound effect. My life is forever devastatingly changed. Nothing makes my loss any easier but not having to worry about my financial future is an enormous blessing.

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