Maximising your KiwiSaver returns

Are you a conservative by default?

Are you one of the many investors who remain in a default scheme years after they set up their KiwiSaver? Default schemes are ‘parking lots’ where your funds are automatically placed when you join.

These are always conservative funds where the majority of money is held in low risk investments such as bank deposits. This profile fits if you’re nearing retirement, but if you’ll still be earning for a while yet you could be missing the full potential of your investment earnings.

Unlocking thousands of dollars 

By regularly reviewing your KiwiSaver, you can potentially unlock thousands of dollars of extra savings over the life of your investment. Our financial advisors can help you get the best return from your contributions with the right balance of conservative, growth and balanced funds for your life stage and financial goals.

Strategy for success

Call us on 09 307 9300 or email here. Our qualified financial advisors can create an investment strategy for your savings success.