You've worked long and hard to achieve the level of assets and savings you have today, so it is natural you'll want to do all you can to protect them. General insurance covers you against the risk of damage to your property, or theft. Without this insurance, you carry the risk yourself.

If your home were destroyed by flood or fire, would you be financially able to rebuild it? What about if your car were stolen and not recovered? Could you go out and buy another one to replace it?

If your answers to these questions were no, then you probably need to take out some form of general insurance.

General insurance provides you with the peace of mind to know that should anything unexpected happen to your belongings, you would be able to repair or replace them within a reasonably prompt timeframe. General insurance normally covers your house and contents, your valuable personal items (such as jewellery), your motor vehicle, your boat and your health and belongings when you travel overseas.

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The different types of general insurance are outlined in more detail below:

House Insurance

As the name suggests, house insurance protects you if your home is damaged or destroyed. By paying insurance premiums, and satisfying the other requirements of your insurance company, you can protect yourself in the event of loss due to unforeseen and/or catastrophic events. You still won't be able to predict if lightning will strike your house, but you will sleep better at night knowing that your house insurance can save you from financial ruin if such an event happens.

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance covers risk from loss or damage to your personal property (meaning articles you own other than land and buildings). Even the smallest residence can contain property worth thousands of dollars - for example, an entertainment or sound system, home computer, or jewellery. If a catastrophe were to strike, contents insurance allows you to replace the contents of your house (like furniture, clothing, and stereo equipment, as well as outdoor items like sporting equipment and gardening tools).

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Owning a car involves several risks. When a car accident occurs, people may be injured and vehicles (or other property) may be damaged. Damage can also occur through theft, vandalism, or natural disasters. Motor vehicle insurance can protect you against these risks.

There are generally three levels of insurance with regard to vehicle insurance:

  • Third party insurance - offers protection against damage or loss to the other vehicle or party - your own vehicle is not covered. 
  • Third party fire and theft 
  • Full or comprehensive insurance - covers you for damage to your own vehicle and to the vehicle of the other party or parties.

Boat Insurance

Boat insurance offers wide cover for boat owners, and generally includes physical loss or damage to your boat, liability protection arising from bodily injuries and optional extras including racing risks.